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wpe1.jpg (14512 bytes) No teaching metaphor has a more profound and permanent effect than the Firewalk experience.  Set your specific intention and goals for your group, gather together for the Firewalk experience and take that one step which separates the fearful from the successful. Millions of executives and sales personnel around the world have used the Firewalk experience to catapult themselves, their sales team, and their corporation ahead of the competition. This form of experiential education provides the confidence to face any challenges with what John Maisel describes as "Uncommon Certainty".   The Firewalk experience ignites enthusiasm within participants and welds the group together as participants support one another in safely crossing the flaming red, hot coals.  Participants learn how to experience life more fully and acquire more empowering distinctions related to their potential.    

John Maisel is a Certified F.I.R.E. Master who has been leading Firewalks since 1991. He has been involved with International Firewalking Instructor Certification since 1992. John is a teacher of teachers and has certified instructors from many nations worldwide.  He has Firewalked safely over 3000 times and accomplished a 320 foot non-stop Firewalk. John has been recognized as a resource for ABC, CBS, MTV and PBS television which have featured programs about his remarkable work in their prime time programming. 

 Recently he appeared on the local Houston CBS morning news program for two consecutive days with Jonathon Walton on "Walton's World".  Also he has appeared on the ABC television program the "Debra Duncan Show" where he taught Debra Duncan and Don Nelson how to  walk on fire before a live audience "inside the ABC studio".

Internationally he has appeared in  MTV's  "Road Rules Program" on the South Pacific island of Moorea where he taught young adult contestants how to walk safely across a 20 foot long fire in the rainforest.  Most recently he served as a technical assistant for the CBS reality television program "Survivor" in the Pearl Islands off Panama.

 His public service activities include eleven years as a director for the 300 million dollar Moody Gardens project on Galveston Island, special projects coordinator for the city of Galveston, Rotary Club past president, and as incoming president for a law enforcement benevolent organization. John is also a sought after motivational speaker for youth groups and is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. He has been designated a Teaching Elder for his work with Native American causes.  He is one of the unique individuals whose studies of the power of the mind have allowed him to serve a very diverse group of clients.  Many of his mind training techniques have recreation benefits...especially in sports activities such as golf which require concentration and focus. His abilities to demonstrate mind control and focus were tested by a representative of the University of Texas Medical branch.  A letter explaining those results is included with this document.

Some of his corporate clients include the Benfield Group, RE/MAX, Carl Zeiss, Inc.,  Pier 1 Imports, American National Insurance, Young President Organization of Houston, as well as many governmental and private organizations. His seminars are fast paced and involve his participants in every aspect of the presentation.

"The only time that a challenge and its solution exist simultaneously is in the present moment. It is imperative that dynamic organizations achieve real time solutions to the challenges that they face through learning how to effectively overcome fear."

About John Maisel

Certified Professional  Member of the National Speakers Association 

Corporate Trainer since 1992

Resource for ABC, CBS, MTV, and PBS Television including Seminars and Firewalks held inside their studios before live audiences

Recent projects include appearing on MTV's "Road Rules"  program,  acting as an technical advisor for CBS's "Survivor" program in the Pearl Islands, and serving the Benfield Group.  

Personal Development Mentor and Wealth Counselor

Certified Fire Master since 1996 by Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (F. I. R. E.)

Professionally leading Firewalks since 1991 

Recognized as Outstanding Businessman of the Year by the Galveston Chamber of Commerce

Appearances on "The Geraldo Show", PBS's "Inside Edition", ABC's  "Debra Duncan Show", CBS "Houston Morning Show", MTV's "Road Rules",  and ABC Tampa's "Murphy in the Morning Show"

Recognized in TEXAS Magazine, Houston Chronicle,  Galveston Daily News and many other publications.

Corporate clients include RE/MAX, Pier 1 Imports, Zeiss Medical Supplies, Champion Printing, American National Insurance, Galveston County

Responsible for managing public and private multi-million dollar budgets

Past-president of Rotary and current incoming president of the 50 Club Law Enforcement Benevolent Organization of Galveston County

Successful businessman for more than 35 years with extensive experience in training, product development, marketing, advertising and public relations




What People Are Saying…

After more than six years and almost sixteen hundred shows the one with you will be one I will long remember.  We have had an amazing response to the show...

Bill Murphy
Tampa - ST. Petersburg,

The energy around me was so strong it protected me as I walked across the "cold" fire.  More importantly, the importance and power of "believing in something" is so powerful.  It opened my eyes.

Carey Turner
Sr. Vice President
Pier One Imports

John Maisel is alive, dynamic and on purpose - a powerhouse teacher!

Edwene Gaines
International Motivational Presenter

The powerful energy generated by John Maisel's presentation provided me the support and the space I needed to confront and walk through my greatest fear. The result is a sense of lightness, clarity and joy which I've never before experienced.

Sandra Stanley
La Marque, Texas

An incredible and complete person who shares with you, all of himself.

Orjan Svennson
Professional Motivational Consultant

Walking on fire with John has changed my life for the better.  It will change anyone's life, even if they only witness the Firewalk.

J. T. Cantwell
Turner Broadcasting
Atlanta, Ga.

A man you can count on to show up, be 100% present and powerful.  His dynamic seminars have inspired thousands of individuals to become more fully self expressed, goal oriented, and to experience greater levels of personal success.  He is a real winner who has worked with me on many nationally televised seminars.

Tolly Burkan
Founder of the American Firewalking Movement



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